Overpriced, Overhyped, Under-specified, Underwhelming: The Leica X Vario


Seriously, this is about all the news I’m giving it. It’s a price of a Nikon D800, which means you can buy that and save up for lenses, or buy a D600 with a lens that’s actually bright and useful at the long end. Or buy the current best APS-C DSLR in the Nikon D7100 and pretty much a small system to go. Or buy a complete Micro Four Thirds kit. Seriously folks. Don’t buy it.

CK: What do you expect from a German company more focused on producing luxury items than making proper cameras? None of their cameras are worth their asking price for the kind of performance you get from them. Don’t even start talking about the “Leica glow”. After you spent all that money, anything can glow.

YS: The resident Leica-phile is currently away, but we managed to ask him what he thought of it. His answer? “It’s crap. And it’s not the first compact camera with APS-C sensor and zoom lens either!” He’d be right about that: The Ricoh GXR with the 24-85mm module has been around for some time, and while stretching compact a little, there’s the Sony DSC-R1 from way back.

So that’s it, three out of three, including a Leica fan. Don’t buy it.

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