Get the Entire Set of Nik Software Plugins For US$149 Now!

Nik Collection

Nik Software fans rejoice! The entire Nik Collection consisting of popular plug-ins like HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2 and Color Efex Pro 4 is now available for a very reasonable US$149. That’s quite a steal considering each plug-in used to cost > US$100 on its own. If you’ve always wanted to get it but is put off by the previously high prices, you can now get it for 70% off.

If that’s not enough, we found a promo code on Twitter by Tokyo-based photographer Martin Bailey which gives you an additional 15% off. Just use the code MBP15 and you’ll get a further 15% off.

We are not sure how long this will last, so head over to their web site and buy it now. You can also download a 15-day trial version if you’d like to try it out first.

YS: That is a lot of good quality software at a very good price. A must-buy!

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Nik Software Releases Snapseed for Android, Makes iOS Version Free

Snapseed interface. Image credit: Nik Software press images.

Android users (hey YS!) rejoice! Nik Software’s Snapseed, the popular photo editing app for mobile photographers, is now available for Android users. Additionally, they have also made the iOS version of the app a free download on Apple’s AppStore. Prior to this, the app cost US$5.

The new version of Snapseed also adds Google+ integration as well as a new filter called Retrolux, which according to the release notes, “combined with a range of different scratches and textures as well as light leaks to create a truly retro look for your photos. ”

Snapseed can be downloaded from either Apple’s AppStore or the Google Play Store.

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Google Acquires Nik Software, Makers of Snapseed

Snapseed interface. Image credit: Nik Software press images.

Google announced today that they have acquired Nik Software, the makers of popular mobile image editing app Snapseed. This looks like a move which rivals Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram not too long ago.

Not much information about the acquisition has been released at this point of time. I hope Nik Software will continue to evolve and improve Snapseed and not just let it “rot”, something which tends to happen when a large company buys over a small one. This brings to mind Google’s recent acquisition of the very popular Sparrow mail client – many users are disappointed that with the acquisition, Sparrow will no longer be bringing out new versions of the app, as well as an iPad version announced earlier.

YS: Does that mean Snapseed for Android is *finally* coming? And not on tablets only please.

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