Comedy Hour from Hasselblad

Hasselblad Lunar
Another Hasselblad Lunar Cecept Sketch

The Internet backlash against the Hasselblad version of the NEX-7 was greater than I thought – Hasselblad representatives have been on the defensive in an interview with British Journal of Photography, and man, you can’t make this stuff up. Some choice  excerpts follow:

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Hasselblad Announces the Sony NEX-7-derived Looney, I mean, Lunar Mirrorless Camera

Hasselblad Lunar
The Hasselblad version of the NEX-7. I’m pretty sure this is what you call “pulling a Leica.”


CK: This has got to be the fugliest cameras I’ve come across, it’s so bad it redefines the term “fugly”. To quote a certain Singaporean politician, “I don’t know what to say.”

YS: Wait till you see the other mockups on DPReview.

(Image Credit: Hasselblad Press Image)

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