Adobe Introduces Lower Cost Subscription for Photoshop Creative Cloud


I will let Adobe fill in the blanks with their own blog post, but this is actually a good deal. The only thing I lament is, that they missed a chance to snag a bunch of new photographers who never had Photoshop before, but are interested in it. Limited time offer might sound bad, but the timeline is generous (31st December 2013), and this will get people to actually start subscribing soon. Since the price is for life, it’s actually a really good deal.

CK: The requirement to be at least a Photoshop CS3 user is a big bummer. Otherwise, this is a damn good deal. I just paid US$130 not too long ago for Photoshop Lightroom 5, and assuming I want to upgrade every year, this costs less and comes with Photoshop!

(Image credit: Adobe Blog)


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The Mob Wants Their Money: Adobe Switches Over to Creative Cloud, Demands Monthly Payments in Perpetuity

Adobe Creative Cloud Splash Image

Adobe has basically killed Creative Suite and is now positioning their main products as a “software as a service” offering instead. Photoshop users are can get away with paying US$20 a month, but if you want more than that, it will be US$50 a month for the whole suite. For those of us who upgrade every other version, or just stick with whatever we have until it’s time to change cameras (thanks to Adobe tying the ACR plugin to the latest version of Photoshop), this is going to be a lot more expensive. Basically this is the equivalent of upgrading on every cycle, so do your own math. Personally, since the main reason to upgrade Photoshop was to keep up with ACR version, maybe it is time to seek alternatives. Anyone has any ideas? (cue crickets chirping)

CK: Basically this effectively means that Adobe has put in measures to stop you from pirating Photoshop (possibly the most pirated in the Adobe product line.) But I am sure it’ll be circumvented in no time. But on a more serious note, let’s try to do some math. Photoshop CS 6 standalone (used to) have a list price of US$699. That same amount of money gets you 35 months or roughly 3 years of Creative Cloud. By that time, there would be at least 1-2 upgrade versions, so overall it would be more worth it to go this route. Obviously if you don’t upgrade to every version, then your break-even point is 3 years. By then, you probably would have gotten a new camera, and you’ll find that your existing Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw no longer supports your camera, and if you want to go the legal route, you’d have to pony up another US$699 if your old version is no longer eligible for an upgrade.

YS: I think a lot of photographers don’t upgrade every version. In fact, if not for ACR, I think many will still be on CS1 or CS2!

(Image Credit: Adobe Press Image)

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