Dear Think Tank Photo

Think Tank City Walker 30
Think Tank City Walker 30

Dear Think Tank Photo

You make some really high quality items. Case in point: Your new City Walker series looks like it will carry on the tradition of using materials that are tough with good tactile feedback, the ability to swallow most professional-level lenses with their lens hoods on, and the usual attention to the little details.

Despite all that, I still feel like I’m left out of this party. Can we change a few things?

  1. Notebook slot only in the largest bag. Again. The world according to camera bag manufacturers seems to be that photographers all use 15.6″ Macbook Pros. I use a Thinkpad X61 (12.1″), CK uses a 13″ Macbook Air, and David uses a 13″ Macbook Pro. I know Americans are supposed to be larger in size, but what about the rest of us?
  2. No provision for pro-style SLRs. I like the portrait grip and the added battery life. For all the flak that Crumpler gets, at least they got this right – their mid-sized shoulder bags can fit a pro-style DSLR easily.
  3. While we are here, can we stop having backpacks that open from the front? That is a retarded design, especially when out in the field after the rain. Body, meet muddy backpack straps and back. I had enough of being covered in mud since I left the army, thank you very much.

In conclusion, I look forward to your next round of bags. Maybe they’ll finally have something for me.


PS. While you’re at it, can you hire some new designers? The blue version of the City Walker… is not particularly attractive. I’m sure you can do better!

(Image Credit: Think Tank Photo Website)

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