Samsung Releases the NX mini, 9mm, 9-27mm and 17mm Lenses

Samsung NX Mini with 9mm and 9-27mm lenses

Samsung’s an odd player. They have the technical know-how, the design teams, the foundries, and the marketing capability and budget (watch how they have managed to eventually out-muscle Apple in the smartphone arena), but somehow their NX line just does not get enough attention.

So in a move that reminds me of the original Micro Four Thirds initiative (moving to a less crowded playing field), the NX mini moves away from the APS-C sensors in the NX line to a 1″ sensor size, like that of the Nikon 1 series. The potential difference here is that Samsung does have experience in crafting a consumer experience that casual users might like that is also connected. If you have tried using a recent Samsung camera like the NX 2000 you might have an idea of what I am saying. It is a nicely done camera that is very smartphone-like, runs a decent OS (Tizen), and has a lot of fun little things that many will like. Of course if it sinks under the anonymity of the usual NX no-shows in the digital camera landscape, its not going to sell well, is it? Continue reading Samsung Releases the NX mini, 9mm, 9-27mm and 17mm Lenses

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