Olympus Announces the PEN-F, A 1960s Style 20MP Digital Rangefinder With Built-In EVF

Olympus PEN-F with M-ZUIKO 14-42mm
Olympus PEN-F with M-ZUIKO 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6

Olympus today announced the PEN-F, a digital rangefinder with a 20MP sensor and built-in EVF. It is based on the classic Olympus Pen-F camera from the 1960s and is the first digital PEN camera to offer a built-in EVF with 2.36 million dots. There is also a 1.04 million-dot 3″ fully articulating LCD touch screen at the back of the camera, allowing you to shoot from creative angles or for that all-important selfie.

Like the original PEN-F that it’s modelled after, the 20th century remake features several knobs and dials for controlling exposure and other settings that are sure to appeal to the retro-camera aficionados. It also has the same five-axis image stabilisation found on the recently released E-M5 II for a claimed benefit of 5 stops.


Olympus claims that the PEN-F has the shortest shutter lag time of just 0.044s (Looks like every other camera maker seems to claim they’re fastest.) The mechanical shutter is capable of an impressive 1/8000s shutter speed for capturing fast motion as well as to allow shooting at wide-open apertures in bright daylight. A silent mode is also available for situations that require absolute silence.

The camera is available now at US$1,199 for the body alone from your favourite camera stores. A hotshoe flash is included.

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