Ricoh Announces K-S2, DA 18-50mm f/4-5.6 Compact Lens, and AF201FG Flash


Turns out Ricoh were not quite done after their high-end announcements (and development announcement). Yesterday they took off the wraps to what promises to be a pretty small Pentax DLSR kit, starting with the Pentax K-S2 DSLR. Following up on the somewhat eccentric K-S1, the KS2 is more traditional, with the LEDs being relegated to lighting up a ring around the shutter release and the Wifi button. The K-S2 keeps most of what the K-S1 offered, including the 20 megapixel sensor and 11 point autofocus system, and adds a much nicer grip, dual command dials, articulating LCD, and Wifi with NFC.

Pentax has always offered a lot of solid specs for the price; dual command dials and weather proofing have always been standard on their low-end models, and many of them come with an optical pentaprism, instead of the cheaper and dimmer pentamirrors. However I am sure this will not be the camera to bring their market share up; fighting to gain market share against the incumbents is a trench warfare environment that will take more than a great camera to win.

The K-S2 will be available in black, white and the above black-orange in March for US$800 with the new 18-50mm lens (discussed next).HD_DA18-50

So the next thing is a collapsible 18-50mm f/4-5.6 kit lens. Making it a little shorter on the long end and a little slower on the wide end certainly helps, but despite its mostly plastic construction it is weather resistant. I also cannot help but feel that it looks really good from the press image. There is something to be said for Pentax’s lenses ever since they started with the FA Limited line; I really like the design aesthetic, even when carried over to cheap plastic kit lenses.AF201FGFinally there is the AF201FG flash. It is small, weather resistant, and dead simple to use. However it is also a two AA battery powered flash. My last experience with one (the Olympus FL36R) was less than great. GN of 20m does not help it. At least it is fairly cheap at US$150. I suppose if you want full weather resistance for your small Pentax kit this is it. Ships in March.


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