Canon Announces Europe and Asia-only EOS M3


This one is a bit of a surprise; after the EOS M2 mirrorless camera was only sold in Japan, Canon has decided to try again with the EOS M3 in Asia and Europe. Sorry people in the Americas. The camera sports the new 24 megapixel APS-C sensor, adds NFC on top of Wifi, and hopefully has better AF than the previous EOS Ms. I wonder why they did not at least try using Dual Pixel AF; that system would have made a big difference to the focusing speeds. Maybe the new contrast detect AF system is fast enough?

The EOS M3 also adds a proper mode dial, an exposure compensation dial, and a front command dial around the shutter button. The upgrade in controls is welcome, though I think the target market for the EOS M probably won’t care. Oh, and not forgetting, the LCD tilts now, including the ever popular selfie flip-up postion.

The EOS M3 will ship in April for €770 with the 18-55 kit lens. Basing on European pricing traditions, that will probably mean US$700-750, which could well be in the vicinity of S$1000. Have Canon not learnt that basic mirrorless cameras simply should not be priced so high? Nikon at least charge a reasonable price for the J4 now, albeit learning that rather late.


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