Adobe’s Black Friday Sale For Photoshop CC is Almost Too Good…

Adobe Photoshop CC Sale Header

Well, it is actually very good. US$10 per month for Photoshop CC and Lightroom is an excellent price. As we mentioned before, the initial pricing was not so hot, given many of us who actually buy the thing don’t upgrade every cycle, even for pros (keeping an eye on costs is a part of business after all). Then Adobe announced the cheaper plan for those who had Photoshop CS3 and above, which we thought was pretty good, unless you were just starting out and did not have an earlier copy of Photoshop. Well, now Adobe is opening that offer to everyone till 2nd December, so you nearly have no excuses.

Nearly, because there is that small matter of Adobe’s compromised security. You think they would know better than to leave users’ passwords and password hints unhashed and unsalted.

I am still taking a chance though, but with a different credit card from my usual. Just in case.

David: Looks like an awesome deal, but upon reflection, Lightroom does so much of the heavy lifting for me nowadays that I hardly need Photoshop, and I can still get the latest standalone copy of Lightroom (and I did) without paying the monthly “Adobe tax”, so I’ll pass unless I find a reason to use Photoshop more often. If this offer was available earlier before I bought my copy of Lightroom, I might have taken it up.

CK: Excellent deal. I am taking this up! It’s quite a no brainer considering how much the standalone Photoshop used to cost. And this  also guarantees me “free” Lightroom 6 and all ACR updates.

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