Dead Horse: Hasselblad Stellar

Hasselblad Stellar

Sigh. I was going to make more jokes, but even though this is the second tarted-up, ostentatious and pretentious offering from Hasselblad, I can already see it being tiresome. This time, the Stellar is a Sony RX100 (and not even the newer RX100 II) with a ghastly looking wooden grip sold at three to six times the price. Available in a number of different woods, I just cannot imagine why you would want to…

Get wood for your pocket shooter.

I’ll get my coat.

CK: As if releasing the Lunar-tic isn’t enough, Hasselblad now releases a camera based on a compact? I am sure the price will be Stellar as well. Looks like the luxury camera market is a very lucrative one indeed.

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