Get the Entire Set of Nik Software Plugins For US$149 Now!

Nik Collection

Nik Software fans rejoice! The entire Nik Collection consisting of popular plug-ins like HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2 and Color Efex Pro 4 is now available for a very reasonable US$149. That’s quite a steal considering each plug-in used to cost > US$100 on its own. If you’ve always wanted to get it but is put off by the previously high prices, you can now get it for 70% off.

If that’s not enough, we found a promo code on Twitter by Tokyo-based photographer Martin Bailey which gives you an additional 15% off. Just use the code MBP15 and you’ll get a further 15% off.

We are not sure how long this will last, so head over to their web site and buy it now. You can also download a 15-day trial version if you’d like to try it out first.

YS: That is a lot of good quality software at a very good price. A must-buy!

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