Yawn: Nikon Releases AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR and SB-300 Speedlight


The nice thing about writing on this blog is that we get to focus on things that interest us, play with gear, and have fun in general. Then there are days like this. We get an almost-kit lens without a camera to go with it, and a small flash that is essentially the SB-N7 from the Nikon 1 line but with a proper standard Nikon TTL hotshoe. The lens is interesting in what it does not say: the lack of a body to go with it. If this is the supposed D400’s kit lens, it also says what Nikon thinks about DX users.

And the flash? No CLS wireless. Two AAA batteries is probably a slight negative as well. I suppose Nikon did not want a small, wireless capable flash that is slightly cheaper to compete with the SB-R200. It is slightly more powerful as well, with a Guide Number of 18m at ISO 100. Look out (or not) for the lens and flash to arrive in late August in the USA for US$600 and US$150 respectively.

US$600 for a kit-type lens? Ouch.

(Image credit: Nikon press images)

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