Hasselblad Launches the X1D 50MP Mirrorless Medium Format Camera

Hasselblad X1D
Hasselblad X1D

After a couple of teasers and a leak yesterday, Hasselblad finally launched the X1D—the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera. Weighing at 725g (body only), it’s less than half the weight of a conventional digital medium format camera, Hasselblad says the 50MP camera is a game changer.

“The X1D marks a pivotal point in Hasselblad’s rich 75-year history. This camera makes medium format photography available to a new generation of Hasselblad users, while pushing the existing limits of photography to new heights.”

— Hasselblad CEO, Perry Oosting

Hasselblad X1D with 45mm f/3.5
Hasselblad X1D with 45mm f/3.5

The X1D is weather and dust sealed and sports a 50MP CMOS medium format sensor with 14 stops of dynamic range. ISO range can be set between 100 to 25,600. A completely new line of lenses has been developed to support the camera, offering a wide range of shutter speeds and full flash synchronisation up to 1/2000. A 45mm f/3.5 and 90mm f/4.5 will be available at launch, and the existing H system lenses can also be used via an adaptor. The camera also has a Nikon-compatible hotshoe.

At the back, there’s a 3″ 920K-dot touchscreen LCD, a 2.36M-dot EVF, dual SD slots, GPS and WiFi connectivity. It even shoots video at up to 1080/30p. A USB 3.0 Type C connector and mini HDMI ports are also available.

Hasselblad X1D's Rear LCD
Hasselblad X1D’s Rear LCD

Hasselblad’s wants to make this a “everyman” medium format camera, pricing it at US$8,995 for the body alone. This is probably not too bad if you consider the fact that the 50MP version of the H6D costs US$25,995, or the Leica S at US$16,900. It’s also available with the 45mm f/3.5 as a kit for US$11,290, with both the 45mm and 90mm at US$13,985. The lenses are available at US$2,295 and US$2,695 for the 45mm and 90mm respectively.


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Three Guys’ Picks and Pans of 2013


Well, 2013 was a quiet year, mainly with the two giants not releasing much, and everyone struggling to stay relevant in times of weak sales brought about by competent cameras that reduce the need to upgrade and convenient cameras in the form of smartphone cameras that make it easy to share photographs. Still, it was not all bad, and we have a list of last year’s most notable products. Read on and find out what they were! Continue reading Three Guys’ Picks and Pans of 2013

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Dead Horse: Hasselblad Stellar

Hasselblad Stellar

Sigh. I was going to make more jokes, but even though this is the second tarted-up, ostentatious and pretentious offering from Hasselblad, I can already see it being tiresome. This time, the Stellar is a Sony RX100 (and not even the newer RX100 II) with a ghastly looking wooden grip sold at three to six times the price. Available in a number of different woods, I just cannot imagine why you would want to…

Get wood for your pocket shooter.

I’ll get my coat.

CK: As if releasing the Lunar-tic isn’t enough, Hasselblad now releases a camera based on a compact? I am sure the price will be Stellar as well. Looks like the luxury camera market is a very lucrative one indeed.

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Comedy Hour from Hasselblad

Hasselblad Lunar
Another Hasselblad Lunar Cecept Sketch

The Internet backlash against the Hasselblad version of the NEX-7 was greater than I thought – Hasselblad representatives have been on the defensive in an interview with British Journal of Photography, and man, you can’t make this stuff up. Some choice  excerpts follow:

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Hasselblad Announces the Sony NEX-7-derived Looney, I mean, Lunar Mirrorless Camera

Hasselblad Lunar
The Hasselblad version of the NEX-7. I’m pretty sure this is what you call “pulling a Leica.”


CK: This has got to be the fugliest cameras I’ve come across, it’s so bad it redefines the term “fugly”. To quote a certain Singaporean politician, “I don’t know what to say.”

YS: Wait till you see the other mockups on DPReview.

(Image Credit: Hasselblad Press Image)

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