Sony’s A7II Features Five-axis Stabilisation

Sony A7II FrontSony’s announcement of the A7II was not a complete surprise to me; the aggressive discounts which were quite widely advertised for the A7 recently gave the impressions that something was up.

Now that the camera specifications are quite well-known, I guess the big upgrade that everyone is talking about is the 5-axis stabilisation. While reports have Sony saying that this is not Olympus’s technology, I can’t believe that they did not have some help from them. If it performs as well as the E-M1’s, it should be very effective for many uses, including videos. Expect an A7SII soon? One can hope! Continue reading Sony’s A7II Features Five-axis Stabilisation

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Sony A7S High ISO Samples (UPDATED!)

P1020413Update (20/06/14): Adobe announced the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw, so I have updated the post with the ACR processed RAWs at the end. This also makes the post even larger, so it is best to view this on a fast connection.

As referenced in the last post, I spent a little time with the Sony A7S, and was pleasantly surprised when I was told I could take some sample images and put them up online. This is from an A7S with firmware version 1.0, and I was told this should be almost a production-level camera. This is not a definitive look, as a show floor is not the place to form final judgements, but it still allows for some decent first impressions, especially for low-light high ISO ones.

Some large images after the break, along with my comments. Continue reading Sony A7S High ISO Samples (UPDATED!)

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Three Guys’ Picks and Pans of 2013


Well, 2013 was a quiet year, mainly with the two giants not releasing much, and everyone struggling to stay relevant in times of weak sales brought about by competent cameras that reduce the need to upgrade and convenient cameras in the form of smartphone cameras that make it easy to share photographs. Still, it was not all bad, and we have a list of last year’s most notable products. Read on and find out what they were! Continue reading Three Guys’ Picks and Pans of 2013

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