Canon Announces a Pair of Rebels: The EOS 750D and 760D

EOS 760D EF-S18-55 IS STM FRT_tcm14-1237075

This… this is a bit odd. Canon have announced the latest update to their most popular line of DSLRs, the triple digit EOS cameras, or the Rebels as they are known in North America, and they have done so with not one but two similar cameras, the EOS 750D/Rebel T6i and the EOS 760D/Rebel T6s. Both cameras have some nice upgrades, with an all-new 24 megapixel sensor (still Canon designed and made), the very capable 19 point AF system from the original 7D and 70D, a new 7560 pixel colour exposure meter, an improved contrast-detect autofocus system, and new wireless connectivity with Wifi and NFC. The cameras retain the 5 FPS continuous shooting mode, 1080p video at 30, 25 or 24 FPS, and the very nice 3″ articulating LCD. Oh wait, there’s also a new battery, the LP-E17.

What makes the two cameras different? The EOS 760D adds a top panel information LCD, like that on its bigger brothers, as well as a thin second command wheel around the directional pad, again similar to the one on its bigger brothers. There is an eye sensor on the optical viewfinder, and in video mode the EOS 760D can do continuous (servo) AF while recording. It makes me wonder why Canon bothered to release two cameras if the differences are not great; surely releasing one model would have sufficed? The EOS 760D is quite a bit more compelling, and the initial price difference does not seem much. I can hear the dealers moaning at having to keep different inventory already.

If the image sensor is a big upgrade over the 18 megapixel one, I can see Canon selling plenty of these. The 19 point AF system is capable, and having two command dials does remove some annoyances with using most entry level cameras.

The cameras will arrive in April, with the EOS 750D going for US$750 for the body, and the EOS 760D at US$850 for the body. More pictures of the cameras after the break Continue reading Canon Announces a Pair of Rebels: The EOS 750D and 760D

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