DJI Releases the Osmo—A 12MP Handheld Camera With Brushless Gimbal Stabiliser

DJI Osmo
DJI Osmo

Known for their Phantom and Inspire series of drones, DJI has released the Osmo, a 12MP camera mounted onto a 3-axis brushless gimbal that is also capable of taking 4K video.

The camera is the same as the on the DJI Inspire 1’s X3, which has a 1/2.3inch Sony Exmor R sensor. The ISO range for stills is 100-1600, and 100-3200 for video. It has a fixed 20mm lens (35mm equivalent) and supports the DNG raw file format as well.

The sleek handle which the 3-axis brushless gimbal is mounted to contains the camera’s controls for starting/stopping recording, image capture, power, as well as a joystick for controlling the camera’s pan and tilt. A detachable smartphone mount lets you use your smartphone as a viewfinder, since the camera itself does not have one. The camera is also controller via an app on your phone.

DJI claimed that the 3-axis gimbal allows you to take long exposure photos of 2s and longer (“with practice”) with the Osmo without using a tripod. If this is true, it is pretty impressive.Another interesting feature is that the Osmo has an automatic panorama mode which takes 360º photos by having the camera automatically spin in a circle, while staying perfectly level.

Here’s a video introduction of the Osmo, which also features some impressive footage.

The Osmo will be available for US$649 later this month.



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