Guess What? Fujifilm’s SQ10 Photos Are Shot on a Mamiya Leaf Digital Back!

While preparing the post about Fujifilm’s newly-released SQ10 Instax/Digital Hybrid camera, I went to Fujifilm UK’s Image Bank to look for images of the camera which I can use. After downloading, I wanted to check the file’s dimensions and file size, so I did a “Get Info” on mac OS. This is when I noticed that the file had the full EXIF information intact, and the images were shot on a Mamiya Leaf Aptus II 7 digital back. I would have thought that Fujifilm (or its photographic agency) would have used Fujifilm’s own GFX 50S to shoot them instead.

Interestingly, the images for the GF 23mm and 110m lenses doesn’t have the EXIF information embedded.

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