Going Commercial: A Small Experiment

If there is one thing you thing you have noticed about our site so far, it has been the lack of ads and anything commercial-related; we are simply doing this in our spare time. Well, we would like to write more for you, but doing so takes time away from the things that makes that thing that buys things, ie. money. While we are not going to stuff our site full of ads like some other sites do, we will be starting out with an Amazon affiliate program, just to test the waters. Bear with us as we experiment a bit, and thank you for reading Three Guys with Cameras!

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Nikon Singapore D4s Launch Event

The new Nikon D4s with the AF-S 35mm f/1.4

Earlier on, we concluded our liveblog of the Nikon Singapore D4s launch event. Here’s a more detailed write up and photos of the event which is held at the Kartright Speedway GoKart Racing Circuit in the west end of Singapore.

Continue reading Nikon Singapore D4s Launch Event

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We Are One!

A year ago, the 3 of us decided to start a blog about photography, with a emphasis towards gear news and reviews. A day after we launched the blog, Nikon launched the D600 in Singapore, and we were there to cover it as our first post (ok, second if you count the welcome post.) We also posted our thoughts of the D600 based on our experience with it at the launch.

YS: Since then, we’ve seen a number of cameras come on to the scene, and reviewed a few of them. We took the Panasonic GH3 out for a spin solely as a stills camera, which is something that is not common on the Internet, we pitted three of the most desirable compact large sensor cameras against each other, and we’ve been trying to get a few more. The first year has been fun, but stay tuned – we’re only just starting!

David: It’s been a year? That’s faster than some companies releasing new cameras! We hope you will continue to stick around for more gear news, reviews and articles!

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A Funny Thing About Singapore Weather…

Years ago, when I first started looking at digital photography, there were a few websites dedicated to reviewing cameras. One of them was the now-defunct Digital Camera Resource Page, run by Jeff Keller (who’s now with DPReview). DC Resource was based in San Francisco, and one thing that held back reviews would be poor weather conditions. Specifically, it would be fog. I used to think at least that would be something I did not have to worry about, here in sunny Singapore. The heat would kill before fog would form.

Well, fate has a nice way of laughing at you.

Singapore skyline shrouded in haze

Contrast with the image from our Panasonic GH3 review:

Singapore Skyline

Right now we are just hoping the haze clears in time for us to get to work on the next review. Yes, there’s another review coming up, and we think it will be something that will interest many of you!

CK: Technically, I think that’d be smog. But haze/fog makes it sound more “romantic”. But whatever it is, it sure is getting bad unless we are after faux-romantic/atmospheric shots.

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Something is Coming – We Want Your Input!

Panasonic GH3 with Vario G X 12-35mm f/2.8 lens

Oh yes. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 with that very nice and cute 12-35mm f/2.8 lens is going to be with us for a short stay. If there is anything you want to find out about the GH3 while we still have it, give a shout out in the comments or post on our Facebook Page! Otherwise, keep an eye on this space while we get working on the review!

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