About Three Guys With Cameras

Three Guys With Cameras (or TGWC) is a photography blog currently run by the following three guys:

Lee Yuan Sheng

YS is the slightly curmudgeonly one of the three, but don’t mind his somewhat snarkiness. Having started with his father’s OM-1, he has used a wide variety of equipment, and shot an equally wide range of images over the years. He currently uses a Nikon system, and is trying to work up the courage needed to do some real street photography. Otherwise he does more traditional landscapes, cityscapes and still life subjects, with a dash of wildlife when he is not feeling lazy to trek at some ungodly hour with some stupid heavy gear. If there is anything he really hates, it is the fanboys that roam the Internet.

Ng Cheng Kiang

Cheng-Kiang (CK) picked up photography at the age of 14 when he joined the school’s photography club. There, he picked up B&W photography as well as B&W film and print development. Since then, he has been very much in love with photography. CK loves to travel and take photographs of places and events and also has an interest in heritage and old places. He keeps a photo blog at http://www.ckphoto.net where he writes about his shoots as well as share with his readers some photography tips that he has picked up.

David Teo

David picked up photography from CK when digital photography first started to get popular. Inspired by Pekka Sarrinen’s Canon G1 photos of Finland, he also started off with a Canon G1 and never looked back since. David eventually settled into the genre of documentary and street photography and is a connoiseur of precision German cameras and lenses as well as non-mainstream equipment. A full time photographer now, his work can be found at http://5stonesphoto.com and he also maintains an active blog chronicling his long term documentary project on Japan at http://www.5stonesphoto.com/blog.

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