Fujifilm Announces X70—Smaller, Wider and Cheaper X100

Fujifilm X70
Fujifilm X70

Fujifilm’s X100 has been very popular with photographers wanting a relatively small and light fix-lens camera, and has gone through several iterations and improvements culminating in the latest X100T. Today, Fujifilm has released a smaller and wider version of the X100—the X70.

The X70 has a fixed 18.5mm (28mm equivalent), f/2.8 lens and the tried-and-tested (but old) X-Trans II CMOS sensor with a resolution of 16MP. Unlike the X100 series, there is no longer a hybrid viewfinder. In fact, there isn’t a viewfinder. Instead, there is a tilt and swivel screen like the one found on the X-T1 and X-T10, but with touch input.

The AF system features 49 AF points in single-point mode, and 77 points in wide/tracking mode. A fully electronic shutter lets you shoot silently up to 1/32,000s. Maximum ISO is 51,200.

It will be available in silver, black and a mixed black/silver combination for US$700 in February.

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