Samsung Announces the NX500


Samsung has announced the NX500, an update to the mid-range camera in the NX lineup. The main upgrade here is in the sensor, with the NX500 sporting the NX1’s 28 megapixel BSI sensor, which by all accounts seems to be very good, and might be even better than the highly-regarded 24 megapixel Sony sensor.

Given that the NX500 has the NX1’s sensor, it inherits a number of features from the bigger brother, including 4K videos in h.265 and a fast 209 point hybrid phase-detect and contrast-detect autofocus system. However since this is not quite the top-end model, concessions are made in other areas, like the shutter mechanism, so there is no 15 FPS continuous shooting mode. Instead the NX500 tops out at 9 FPS. Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC are present.

The rest of the camera is pretty much like the NX300, though the 3″ qHD AMOLED screen now flips all the way up for selfies. The NX500 will be available in March for US$800 with the 16-50 power zoom, in black, white or brown.



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