Nikon Announces D810A Astrophotography DSLR


I guess Nikon made most of their big announcements for the first half of 2015 already in CES. This time the main news is in the form of the D810A, a D810 modified for astrophotography. The biggest change comes with a new filter that makes the D810A senstive to hydrogen alpha spectral emissions, which is what happens when an electron in hydrogen falls from its third to second lowest level. As a kid I used read up quite a bit on many astronomy phenomenal, and h-alpha images of the sun are always fascinating. What looks like a blob of light in the visible spectrum is a hive of activity under h-alpha capture.

Other changes include much longer shutter speed selection, modifications to the viewfinder and display for use in dark environments so you keep your pupils dilated. If you are interested in that kind of astrophotography the D810A will arrive in May for US$3800. Send us links to your awesome astronomy photos too!

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