Leica Unveils All-New, All-Mechanical M-A FILM Rangefinder

Leica M-A with Summarit 50mm f/2.4
Leica M-A with Summarit 50mm f/2.4

Photokina: Looks like Leica is on a roll. Not content with the LCD-less M Edition 60, Leica has also announced the fully mechanical film rangefinder camera in the form of the Leica M-A (Typ 127). In wanting to connect with the Leica M3 launched 60 years ago, the M-A eschews all forms of electronics and 100% mechanical. Like the M3, it also has no light meter. Even the shutter speeds take on the M3, with a top speed of only 1/1000s. This is even more “pure photography” than the Nikon Df.

The M-A has a lever to change the frame lines for 28/90mm, 35/135mm and 50/75mm. In a very fluffy marketing speak, Leica says, “It may have no monitor, no exposure meter, and no battery, but what it does have is a mechanical quality that makes Leica’s 100 years of experience instantly tangible. Photographers can read the shutter speed and aperture directly from the camera and lens and so concentrate fully on their subject. The acoustic signature of the shutter release of a Leica M-A is a delight that immediately reveals the precision-engineered excellence of its origin.”

If you can’t afford the €15,000 (US$19,500) Leica M Edition 60 and wants to get on the purer-than-pure photography bandwagon, the M-A is yours for just €3,850 (US$4,750) for the body alone. It even comes with a free roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 to get you started.

I really can’t think of why anyone would want this over say, a Leica M7. Or just buy a used M3.

YS: Or how about not buy them? Rangefinders are awful really; there’s a reason why the Japanese finally wrestled dominance from the Germans with the coming of the SLR.

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