Sony Singapore Previews RX100 III


Well, Sony Singapore is going around the various camera stores in Singapore and showing off the RX100 III camera, the photos it takes, and taking pre-orders for it. I managed to chance upon the event, and played around with the camera a bit. Not long enough to make definitive impressions, but enough to get a feel of it.

While the camera’s dimensions are bigger than its predecessors, it was not noticeable in practice. It felt pretty much like its older siblings.

The big new feature, the pop-up EVF is really nice. Despite its diminutive size, it was bright, clear and had plenty of resolution. Being indoors, I could not properly test how the EVF handles high dynamic range scenes.

I did not get a particularly good impression of the pop-up mechanism though. It could be due to my unfamiliarity, but it was fiddly, with a fair amount of force needed to pop it to its ready position. Perhaps the shipping models will be better; we shall see.


Sony are accepting pre-orders for S$1,199. Eeep. As much as the camera shows promise, I doubt I will spend so much on a camera like this. I suppose those who place a premium on pocketability and quality will fork out the asking price as it is.

The RX100 III is expected to arrive before the end of June.

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