More From Broadcast Asia 2014, With Very Brief GH4 Thoughts

P1020446I dropped by Broadcast Asia 2014 again, and this time Panasonic did not boot me out. Unlike many others Panasonic did not just have a booth, they had a whole room to themselves! The outer ring of the room was filled with different technology demonstrations, including this massive video wall. Who wants a bunch of these for their next photography exhibition?

P1020429Panasonic also had some interesting if slightly bizarre demonstrations, like this one. Menu Board Solutions, as it says, and that menu board up there is entirely digital, complete with animations.

P1020430Then there was this kitchen mockup, complete with two models, highlighting what can be done with IPTV cameras. So, in addition to monitoring your home, you can also use them to start your next cooking show.

P1020431Panasonic also did a mockup studio showcasing a number of studio cameras. One looks a bit scrawny for a studio camera though.

P1020435That would be the other 4K star, the Panasonic GH4, seen with the DMW-YAGH module.

I must confess. I made the mistake of peeking through the EVF. It is a big improvement over the GH3’s. As stated in our review, the GH3 had some smearing issue due to the not-great optics in the EVF unit. Well, this one did not seem to have it, and the much higher resolution and more orthodox 4:3 aspect ratio means the EVF view looks so much larger.

The ISO button now has two tactile bumps on it, making it possible to feel by touch. My initial few sessions with the GH3 always had me pressing the WB button instead of the ISO button. Another improvement is that the EVF/LCD button now switches between automatic sensing and sticking to either the EVF or LCD permanently. Much better.

P1020437In the centre of the room, Panasonic erected another room featuring 4K cameras as well as a video presentations of the advantages of 4K video. Another mock scene featuring yet more models to try the cameras out with.

P1020444Even more GH4 goodness, this time totally decked out with cine lenses, a mattebox, monitor and a portable battery pack for the DMW-YAGH module.

P1020438On the side Panasonic were featuring a number of Lumix products, like the GH4, its Micro Four Thirds Lenses, as well as some other 4K cameras.

P1020440The new FZ1000 also makes an appearance under glass. It actually looks bigger than the GH4 thanks to that big 16x zoom lens.

P1020448 There was also the A500H, a 4K wearable camera, which you might recognise from a Neymar World Cup promotion video.

P1020442No new lens prototypes on display here, sorry. Those three large things in the corner are just SLR lens mockups.

P1020447Panasonic were also showing their 20″ 4K tablet. Windows 8 never looked nicer. This probably falls under the “if you need to ask” level of pricing.

P1020471 As mentioned, the show is large. I missed Blackmagic Design on my first day there, so I went up to see what was present.

P1020472The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Black Magic Production Camera 4K were present.

P1020473Their newest products were there too, with the Blackmagic Studio Camera, and the Blackmagic URSA in the background there.

Blackmagic were also demonstrating Davinci Resolve 11. It looks really good and fast, but the demonstration was also done on the special Davinci console. At US$30,000, I am pretty sure I am not buying that any time soon.

P1020460Atomos were showing off their recorders, including the much-anticipated Shogun.

P1020461The Shogun can record 4K 4:2:2 video over HDMI, and I believe many Sony A7S owners will be waiting for it eagerly. Unfortunately that will still be a few months yet.

P1020467Atomos also had this cute little guy on display too. The Ninja Star is really tiny!

P1020453For the local video guys, Expandore is a well-known distributor for many products. They were showing off virtual studio products as well as some gimbal stabilisers.

P1020469Cathay Photo was there too, showing off the products they distribute locally.

P1020451 Wandering a bit more, I spotted the Zeiss showcase. There were the cine lenses, like the CP.2 compact prime lenses, but there were also some still lenses, like the Touits and the ZF lenses, though the latter are more of a Cosina thing.P1020452Of course, there is also the Otus, the huge 55mm f/1.4 lens. It is bigger than some 100mm f/2 lenses!

P1020450That is all from me; there was just so much to see, and even more to understand. BroadcastAsia not only had products for the production side of things, but also for the editing, distribution and well, broadcast end. I will part with this: A large motorised dolly/crane from Technodolly. Till next year’s show!





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