Nikon Announces D4s

nikond4sWell, it was not much of a secret, but Nikon have announced the D4s that they said they were working on, just a month ago during CES. The “s” suffix indicates a small upgrade, but the D3s was also well-received. Like the D3s, the main upgrade here is an improved sensor and electronics package (Expeed 4, if you really want to know) over its predecessor, giving it a one stop improvement, so it now does a maximum of ISO 25,600 in normal ISO range, and 409,600 in expanded range.

The other upgrade is in autofocus, with the camera now being able to do 11 FPS with AF tracking, and a new group AF feature that chooses a point among five user selected points to focus on. It is kind of like a mini Auto Area AF mode.

There are also numerous other upgrades, including 1080p video at 50/60fps at 42 MBps, improved battery life with the new EN-EL18a, and something that time lapse shooters will appreciate, the ability to shoot 9,999 shots. Sadly, it still packs a single CF card slot together with a single XQD card slot. I believe most pro shooters would rather have two cards of the same type. I know I would!

The camera is slated to arrive in March, with a US MSRP of US$6,500.

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