Adobe Introduces Lower Cost Subscription for Photoshop Creative Cloud


I will let Adobe fill in the blanks with their own blog post, but this is actually a good deal. The only thing I lament is, that they missed a chance to snag a bunch of new photographers who never had Photoshop before, but are interested in it. Limited time offer might sound bad, but the timeline is generous (31st December 2013), and this will get people to actually start subscribing soon. Since the price is for life, it’s actually a really good deal.

CK: The requirement to be at least a Photoshop CS3 user is a big bummer. Otherwise, this is a damn good deal. I just paid US$130 not too long ago for Photoshop Lightroom 5, and assuming I want to upgrade every year, this costs less and comes with Photoshop!

(Image credit: Adobe Blog)


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