Samsung Does It Wrong with the Galaxy NX Camera

Galaxy NX with 18-55mm lens

So the rumours were right, and Samsung’s Android-powered mirrorless system camera is real, as with its the lack of physical controls. The images of the camera already make it look like an ergonomic nightmare, and as someone who has tried the original Galaxy Camera, the UI for the camera app is a total disaster for anyone who shoots at a level more manually than full automatic. What you get in the way of manual controls is a command dial, a video record button, the power button, and the flash release button. Oh, and of course, the shutter release. Five buttons and just one dial to control a system camera? I’ll pass. I suspect many photographers will too. As for the casual segment, the camera is a bit ugly too, and thanks to the large touchscreen, not small either, so I don’t think there will be many takers there as well. I mean, take a look:

Galaxy NX Rear View

It is a shame, as the innards of the camera are nice, with a 20MP APS-C sensor packing phase detect sensors as found in the NX 300, along with an unspecified EVF. The camera can do 8.6 FPS per second, and it comes with a huge 4360mah battery, which means it should sustain the internal LTE and 3G radios along with the touchscreen just fine. Samsung’s success with Android phones means that the Android side of things is very capable, and the camera packs a large 4.8″ 1280×720 LCD (not AMOLED) screen, 1.6GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal memory along with a microSD card slot.

This is all undone with a UI that’s clearly not aimed at photographers. Oh, and initial reports are that the camera takes 20-25s to boot up. Early on during the first wave of DSLRs, Canon DSLRs were criticised for taking 5 seconds to start up. This should end well!

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