How to Move Your Instagram Photos to Flickr

By now you’ve probably knew about the controversy surrounding Instagram’s latest changes to their terms of service. It was largely interpreted as “Instagram now has the right to sell your photos to advertisers without your permission and you’ll not be paid” by many of its users who also expressed their outrage at the various social media outlets.

Although co-founder Kevin Systrom later sort-of clarified the change, attributing the misunderstanding to the way it’s written and how legal documents are “easy to misinterpret”, many users are still keeping a “wait and see” attitude, with some, like National Geographic, suspending their account.

If you too, would like to leave Instagram and also move your precious filtered photos to a better service like Flickr, a new service called freethephotos will let you do it very easily. All you need to do is to visit their website, login with Instagram, login and authorise with Flickr and click the “Free Your Photos” button. The process runs in the background and you can choose to be notified by email when it’s done. After it finishes, all your Instagram photos will be posted to a new set in your Flickr account called “Instagram”. You can then decide whether to keep or delete your Instagram account.

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