Lytro Light Field Camera Coming to Singapore and Expanding in the USA

Lytro Light Field Cameras

According to a Lytro blog post, the revolutionary light field cameras will be available in Singapore from mid-October. Those looking to get one of these novel cameras, which allows you to “shoot first, focus later” will be able to get it locally. The cameras will also be sold on major retailers like starting from Oct 9.

At this point of time, I think it’s still a novelty and  don’t think it’s very beneficial to the large majority of consumers as I’ve written about earlier this year on my own blog. Focus is not a big issue of consumer cameras or even smart phone cameras. Motion blur is.

YS: Is the software still Mac OS only? Oh, right.Still need to go through their special Flash viewer? Right. And with that tiny screen and uncomfortable-looking form factor? Well, good luck at being beyond a novelty item. See you again at version 2.0.

CK: Digitalrev’s Kai also pointed out in his video review that the selective focussing doesn’t work all that well under normal conditions but only when the subject and background are relatively far apart.

(Image credit: Lytro press images)

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