Google Acquires Nik Software, Makers of Snapseed

Snapseed interface. Image credit: Nik Software press images.

Google announced today that they have acquired Nik Software, the makers of popular mobile image editing app Snapseed. This looks like a move which rivals Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram not too long ago.

Not much information about the acquisition has been released at this point of time. I hope Nik Software will continue to evolve and improve Snapseed and not just let it “rot”, something which tends to happen when a large company buys over a small one. This brings to mind Google’s recent acquisition of the very popular Sparrow mail client – many users are disappointed that with the acquisition, Sparrow will no longer be bringing out new versions of the app, as well as an iPad version announced earlier.

YS: Does that mean Snapseed for Android is *finally* coming? And not on tablets only please.

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