For Singaporean Canon fans: Powershot S110 on Sale!

Canon Powershot S110
Canon Powershot S110

Oh hey guys, we have something the US doesn’t have yet: The Canon Powershot S110. Or the S101 as I like to call it. I wonder if it means we’ll get something that’s actually cheaper this time around? Given that the US MSRP is US$449, which should translate to something under S$600. Available at your favourite local camera shop.

CK: Just checked with TK Foto, they are selling it at S$600.

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Dear Think Tank Photo

Think Tank City Walker 30
Think Tank City Walker 30

Dear Think Tank Photo

You make some really high quality items. Case in point: Your new City Walker series looks like it will carry on the tradition of using materials that are tough with good tactile feedback, the ability to swallow most professional-level lenses with their lens hoods on, and the usual attention to the little details.

Despite all that, I still feel like I’m left out of this party. Can we change a few things?

  1. Notebook slot only in the largest bag. Again. The world according to camera bag manufacturers seems to be that photographers all use 15.6″ Macbook Pros. I use a Thinkpad X61 (12.1″), CK uses a 13″ Macbook Air, and David uses a 13″ Macbook Pro. I know Americans are supposed to be larger in size, but what about the rest of us?
  2. No provision for pro-style SLRs. I like the portrait grip and the added battery life. For all the flak that Crumpler gets, at least they got this right – their mid-sized shoulder bags can fit a pro-style DSLR easily.
  3. While we are here, can we stop having backpacks that open from the front? That is a retarded design, especially when out in the field after the rain. Body, meet muddy backpack straps and back. I had enough of being covered in mud since I left the army, thank you very much.

In conclusion, I look forward to your next round of bags. Maybe they’ll finally have something for me.


PS. While you’re at it, can you hire some new designers? The blue version of the City Walker… is not particularly attractive. I’m sure you can do better!

(Image Credit: Think Tank Photo Website)

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Comedy Hour from Hasselblad

Hasselblad Lunar
Another Hasselblad Lunar Cecept Sketch

The Internet backlash against the Hasselblad version of the NEX-7 was greater than I thought – Hasselblad representatives have been on the defensive in an interview with British Journal of Photography, and man, you can’t make this stuff up. Some choice  excerpts follow:

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Nikon D600 is Shipping, Plus a Couple of Tidbits

Nikon D600
Nikon D600 – Miracles do occur!

Nikon certainly weren’t bluffing when they said they’d ship the D600 on September 18th. As I write this on the 20th of September, the camera has been shipping for two days already. This is the first time I’ve seen Nikon being able to ship a product so quickly after an announcement in a global rollout, so, kudos on the execution. Still, not going to make up for all those still waiting for their D800s.

A couple of interesting things about the D600:

  1. Bracketing is, like the D7000, limited to three frames. Unlike the D700, this time it goes to +-3 EV. A bit better for those doing HDR, but not as good as a pro-level body’s ability to do 9 frames at 1EV apart.
  2. When using DX mode, it behaves like the D800: There is a frame indicating the DX area when AF Illumination is set to Auto or ON, but a grey mask will come on when it is set to OFF. It’s under Custom Function, A4 or A5. Please correct me if I’m wrong on the exact location of the menu order. Also, unlike the D800, there is only DX crop. PS. Thom Hogan is wrong on this, so don’t scream at me using that page as proof.
  3. The 39 AF points really don’t cover a lot of the frame. Going from a DX 51 point to FX 51 point then to this makes me feel a little claustrophobic.

(Image credit: Nikon Press Image)

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Hasselblad Announces the Sony NEX-7-derived Looney, I mean, Lunar Mirrorless Camera

Hasselblad Lunar
The Hasselblad version of the NEX-7. I’m pretty sure this is what you call “pulling a Leica.”


CK: This has got to be the fugliest cameras I’ve come across, it’s so bad it redefines the term “fugly”. To quote a certain Singaporean politician, “I don’t know what to say.”

YS: Wait till you see the other mockups on DPReview.

(Image Credit: Hasselblad Press Image)

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Google Acquires Nik Software, Makers of Snapseed

Snapseed interface. Image credit: Nik Software press images.

Google announced today that they have acquired Nik Software, the makers of popular mobile image editing app Snapseed. This looks like a move which rivals Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram not too long ago.

Not much information about the acquisition has been released at this point of time. I hope Nik Software will continue to evolve and improve Snapseed and not just let it “rot”, something which tends to happen when a large company buys over a small one. This brings to mind Google’s recent acquisition of the very popular Sparrow mail client – many users are disappointed that with the acquisition, Sparrow will no longer be bringing out new versions of the app, as well as an iPad version announced earlier.

YS: Does that mean Snapseed for Android is *finally* coming? And not on tablets only please.

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Leica M Goodness for the 21st century

Leica arrived at Photokina 2012 in a big way today with a bang, launching the Leica M and  Leica M-E rangefinder cameras, along with the behemoth of a camera, the Leica S, and a bevy of consumer digital cameras to round up their offerings.

This post will first focus on the Leica M system, the heart and soul of what constitutes a Leica.

The all new Leica M
The all new all singing all dancing Leica M!

The Leica M (that’s now the name of the new camera) breaks with tradition in omitting the numeric designation from the name, (making the Leica M9 the last of its kind denoted by a numeric digit). More significantly, the Leica M deviates from the traditional Leica M concept of being a pure, unadulterated tool of photography by incorporating a whole set of features more akin to that of a modern DSLR.

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Canon Continues Custom of Castrating Camera AF Systems with the EOS 6D

Canon EOS 6D with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
Canon EOS 6D

Well, that didn’t take long. Now that Nikon did the D600, Canon couldn’t be far behind, and they weren’t! The Canon EOS 6D is best described as an EOS 5D and an EOS 60D bumping uglies and… well, this is the result.

The 20 megapixel sensor is nice, but in fine Canon tradition stretching back to the EOS D30, the EOS 6D has a less-featured AF system, which has 11 AF points, and just ONE cross AF point among those. Now, I have used cameras with less AF points, but at this price, you expect something better. Or maybe you need to wait for the EOS 6D Mk II to get 5 cross focus points. Or maybe the Mk XCVIII. I hope Canon has tuned the heck out of it, because even with the claim that it goes down to -3EV, it is not going to appease people who are upgrading from cameras like the 60D and wondering what happened to the rest of the AF points.

The rest of the camera is pretty much like the combination I mentioned, with most of the UI looking like a 60D’s, and a few touches of the 5D in there, like the live view switch. Wifi and GPS are built-in, in a surprising touch, and with the Canon app a smartphone can be used as a remote viewfinder to view and active the shutter. Pretty neat. We need more cameras like these, instead of relying on kludgey external dongles.

DPReview mentioned that they were hardly enthused by the camera, and I feel the same way too. Perhaps the main issue was always in Canon’s approach: By starting with a much lower baseline (60D vs D7000), the camera was never going to be exciting. Capable, yes, but not exciting. Look for a December ship date, with a price on par with the Nikon D600.

(Image credit: Canon Press Images)

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It is Time… For New Canon Powershots! G15, S110 and SX50 HS Debut

Canon Powershot G15
Canon Powershot G15

In addition to the EOS 6D, Canon also announced three other cameras. Pardon if I don’t sound interested at all, because small sensor compacts for me are… bleah. I am usually quite forgiving when it comes to sensor sizes, but for me, these are generally a bit too small for comfort, still…

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