Three Guys’ Review: Nikon D5300
Nikon Singapore D4s Launch Event
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Sony Announces A7S – “S” for Sensitivity


This is starting to remind me of a reverse Nikon. Instead of ramping up the pixels with newer cameras a la Nikon with the D800, Sony has gone down to 12 megapixels with the A7S, which boasts an ISO rating of up to 102,400, with a boasted value for 409,600. Seriously, the numbers are getting silly now. Can we just use ISO 100k and ISO 400k respectively? I know I will.

The news with this, I think, is that this is Sony’s first stills camera featuring 4K video. However, to capture, it does require a HDMI recorder, and unlike the Panasonic GH4, it does not offer 10 bit video, only 8 bit. Still some will like the super shallow depth of field in their videos, and the promise of no moire with the sensor dumping all of its data out without line skipping or pixel binning. I wonder if it will lead to some epic rolling shutter effects, the likes not seen since the Nikon D90.

No word on pricing or availability. Again. This is officially now very annoying.

Three Guys’ Review: Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300 with AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR


The Nikon D5300 follows in a line of entry level cameras that started with the D50, and eventually got bumped up half a tier with the D5000 line. By now it actually appears to house some significantly powerful internals, with a class-leading 24 megapixel APS-C sensor and a 39 point autofocus module along with WiFi and GPS, while being made as cheaply as possible. How does it fare? Continue reading

Samsung Releases the NX mini, 9mm, 9-27mm and 17mm Lenses

Samsung NX Mini with 9mm and 9-27mm lenses

Samsung’s an odd player. They have the technical know-how, the design teams, the foundries, and the marketing capability and budget (watch how they have managed to eventually out-muscle Apple in the smartphone arena), but somehow their NX line just does not get enough attention.

So in a move that reminds me of the original Micro Four Thirds initiative (moving to a less crowded playing field), the NX mini moves away from the APS-C sensors in the NX line to a 1″ sensor size, like that of the Nikon 1 series. The potential difference here is that Samsung does have experience in crafting a consumer experience that casual users might like that is also connected. If you have tried using a recent Samsung camera like the NX 2000 you might have an idea of what I am saying. It is a nicely done camera that is very smartphone-like, runs a decent OS (Tizen), and has a lot of fun little things that many will like. Of course if it sinks under the anonymity of the usual NX no-shows in the digital camera landscape, its not going to sell well, is it? Continue reading

Nikon Announces Nikon 1 V3, 10-30mm PD and 70-300mm Lenses

Nikon 1 V3 with 1 Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD lens

Nikon has announced the successor to the V2, and I am not sure what they are trying to do now. In fact, the normally neutral DPReview have a not-very kind commentary piece on the camera at launch.

Firstly, the camera adds a number of upgrades to the previous camera. The V3 now has an 18 megapixel sensor without the anti-aliasing filter, and now the phase detection sensors cover nearly the whole imaging sensor. The camera can now do 20 FPS with continuous autofocus, up from 15 FPS on the V2, and now boasts a front command dial (of the horrible vertical variety), a tilting three inch LCD that is now touch-enabled, and built-in WiFi. The proprietary accessory shoe still remains, however. Continue reading

Toshiba FlashAir

On our hands is the 16GB Toshiba FlashAir card. For the people in Singapore, this is currently selling for only S$40 at A.D. Industries’ booth at the I.T. Show 2014 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. We’ll be posting a comparative review of this vs. the very popular EyeFi X2 cards soon. Watch this space.

YS: $40 is one heck of a price! Not bad at all.

Nikon Offers D600 Cleaning and Shutter Replacement

Nikon D600


Nikon have finally announced that, among other things, they will replace the shutter on the D600 camearas that have problematic shutters. This saga with the oil and dust issue has dragged on long enough, and it certainly was not one of Nikon’s finest moments. At least there is a fix now, but if there is a next time, solving the issue before the replacement camera, or better yet, solving the problem without a replacement camera would be better. This is the Singapore service advisory, and this is the USA one. Check with your country’s own service centre to see more details on the process. Hopefully this ends the saga once and for all.

Nikon Singapore D4s Launch Event

The new Nikon D4s with the AF-S 35mm f/1.4

Earlier on, we concluded our liveblog of the Nikon Singapore D4s launch event. Here’s a more detailed write up and photos of the event which is held at the Kartright Speedway GoKart Racing Circuit in the west end of Singapore.

Continue reading

Nikon Announces D4s

nikond4sWell, it was not much of a secret, but Nikon have announced the D4s that they said they were working on, just a month ago during CES. The “s” suffix indicates a small upgrade, but the D3s was also well-received. Like the D3s, the main upgrade here is an improved sensor and electronics package (Expeed 4, if you really want to know) over its predecessor, giving it a one stop improvement, so it now does a maximum of ISO 25,600 in normal ISO range, and 409,600 in expanded range.

The other upgrade is in autofocus, with the camera now being able to do 11 FPS with AF tracking, and a new group AF feature that chooses a point among five user selected points to focus on. It is kind of like a mini Auto Area AF mode.

There are also numerous other upgrades, including 1080p video at 50/60fps at 42 MBps, improved battery life with the new EN-EL18a, and something that time lapse shooters will appreciate, the ability to shoot 9,999 shots. Sadly, it still packs a single CF card slot together with a single XQD card slot. I believe most pro shooters would rather have two cards of the same type. I know I would!

The camera is slated to arrive in March, with a US MSRP of US$6,500.